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Elendil is a sword that was originally forged by the Spriacqwe in the Land of Legend. It’s purpose was to serve as a living spiritual sword that could be willingly given portions of the souls of Spriacqwe champions, it would take on some of their memories, skills and abilities so that the next wielder could also call on that power.

Elendil’s last Spriacqwe wielder was killed in the Land of Legend by an invading force of Demons known as the Bushyasta who captured it and attempted to subvert its power for their own ends. They were successful in making Elendil addicted to blood and souls which left the Spriacqwe champions soul shards within it, no choice but to leave Elendil, taking with them their power and memories. Elendil became a desperate twisted thing until it was taken by the human Champion Caelan. Caelan was able to cure Elendil of his addiction, in time Elendil became fully redeemed. At the point of Caelan’s death and with divine help, a portion of his soul merged with Elendil granting it many of his powers. Elendil had not been seen since Caelans death during the early part of the second age. Elendil recently resurfaced in the hands of a Knight of the Land known as Valentine. He claims it has powers of healing among other as yet, untapped abilities.

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