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Eisenstein is a Waldgrafine in the Southern Baronies which has a symbol of a plane green field.


Baron Siegfriel Nav Eisenstein


Simple green field


Veildleburg Gressen


Eisenstein has the highest concentration of mines within any of the Waldgrafines of the Baronies. Consequently they are the richest and the settlement of Veidleburg is a seat for learning unrivalled in the South. Seigfriel is a thoughtful and learned man and patronises a great many of the alchemists and great thinkers that can be found in these lands.

Genuine scholars and fantastical charlatans all take advantage of the trend and Veidleburg echoes to the hammers and explosions of pure inventiveness. The riches that are present ahve been sufficient to employ a great many Ggrutuck, whose skills have rebuilt the small city as a beautiful edifice to their talents.

Tall glittering towers dominate the skyline, topped in many cases by the colourful balloons and vast aviaries that typify Veidleburg. The city boasts the only university within the Baronies, along with various schools and colleges all dedicated to the expansion of the minds of the intellectual elite within the city.

Eisenstein is not some fat, sleazy plumb however. the Barons may not have the excellent cavalry or the superb skirmishers of the northern baronies, or the sheer ferocity of the more southerly Waldgrafines, but they have unity.

The Barons of Eisenstein, under their Grafs, are used to uniting their forces and the Waldgrafine can boast four armies under a Graf that are trained to work together under their Baronial officers. All infantry though they are, Eisenstein does not suffer from the factionalism of other provinces.

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