East Quarter (Bildteve)

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Bildteve's East Quarter, is the city quarter that overlooks the wilds of Rorthril Fens.

The Sights in Bildteve's East Quarter

Nightsoil Guild

Only seen in those cities that have developed a culture of acceptance and integration of the Nightsoil, the Guild outwardly looks if anything even more respectable than other Guildhalls. The members take tremendous pains to not only fit in but to become the very epitome of the perfect citizen. It is true that this actually helped by a presence of certain ritual power, but it is not something that cannot be done without. The Nightsoil banded together, help their lesser up out of the gutter and typically leave all the scum jobs for orcs to get on with. Though the Nightsoil have changed in the wake of recent Final Dawn they hold firm to the title as a badge of pride. They may no longer be undead but they went through much, dying for the Empire and then being rewarded years later for the faith they kept in the that nation. The Nightsoil Guild in Bildteve is second only to The Grand Remembrance in Thimon and apart from that one exception is unrivalled in its size.

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