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Ruatha, Duke Stoneheart is the Head of House Stoneheart, and son of Michael Stoneheart and Elaine Duff.

Early life

He was the third son of a Great House, and as is tradition with the House was sent off to a Shallyan monastery where he would be safe should anything happen to his two elder brothers.

As it happened, Allian his eldest brother died aged 12 years in IM982, and Martin, the next eldest, was assassinated on his return from battle in IM999. Ruatha, already a mercenary for several years, was thrust rather unceremoniously into the spotlight.

The decisions required of a senior member of the Imperial Government do not sit well with a priest of Shaehan and Ruatha reluctantly put aside his faith, deciding that Duty to the Throne, Primus and Empire was more important than his personal wishes. It was around this time he met Latona Buggledexter, a fellow priest of Shallya, just as he departed that faith to join the Church of Glass.

Following the attempt on Michael Stoneheart's life, the only way the Emperor could manifest was through his son, Ruatha. This took some delicate diplomacy and negotiation, but the fledgling Senate continued to operate throughout this delicate period in the Empire's history.

IM 1002 - 1010

Following the death of Michael, Ruatha remained heavily involved in Imperial politics, working with many people to ensure the Empire continued to grow in strength and undoing some of the harm that stemmed from Madrak's actions.

During this period he married Latona despite the furore over her being a commoner, and they had twins together, Michael and Leita. Often kept busy with matters of State, Ruatha trusted his House Retainer and long-time friend Kenobi Winterhaven to watch over Latona's safety when he could not be there to do so.

Ruatha approached Truic Baddrass-Amora to ask if she wished to become Empress, confident that sufficient support could be garnered to appoint her, and in due course her Coronation followed. He accepted a position on her Mourathal, and the position of Senator for Domestic Affairs.

Since that time he has held a number of positions in Imperial Government, including Senator for Foreign Affairs and even briefly Governor of Deci, before standing back from politics to concentrate on personal matters.

In due course matters of State became more pressing, and Ruatha returned as an advisor to the Senate, bringing his considerable political weight to bear in their support in a number of tithes. He also took the opportunity to rekindle his House Estates within Halgar and secured his position within the Church of Glass, becoming the High Priest of that religion while overseeing construction of Hallowed Temples to the faiths of Iron and Empire, Dead Heroes and Empress Goddess in central Halgar.

IM 1010

In early IM 1010, Ruatha accepted appointment by the Senate to the position of Covenant and oversaw an extensive clarification and refocusing of Imperial Law. Despite some initial political difficulties such law has been broadly accepted by both the mercenary and the wider community within the Empire.

He rekindled the Order of Glass with the backing of the Senate, ensuring that those who performed great deeds for the Empire could be recognised for their sacrifice.

Ruatha became a widower on the death of his wife, Latona. Since her return on the wheel of life, the two have not redeclared their marriage vows.

Of House Stoneheart

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