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The Deep Water Tavern is attached to the local offices of the Deep Water Trader’s Holding in Soufriere, rural Sellaville. Whilst the Deep Water Trader’s Holding is based in Bildteve it started to expand into Soufriere back in IM 1003 as the Traders saw great opportunities in Soufriere and have done rather well with trade there.

The Deep Water Trader’s Holding built the Tavern as a means to encourage Trade in the area and to ensure that they got the best cut from those passing through with small amounts of trade as well as their larger operations with Herb trade in Soufriere and to ensure a safe place for their employees as well as a place to easily hire mercenaries from. The sly have been quick to point out that having them mercenaries end their day in the tavern is a good way to recoup expenditure and a fine method by which they can get their hands on the sort of treasure that mercenaries are forever finding lying around and wanting to sell quickly.

Not an especially big tavern it serves the rural people of Soufriere well as a meeting hall and a place to natter and its regular denizens are tolerant of mercenaries and strangers greeting all with smiles and a cheer. No doubt in small part due to the fact that most mercenaries to pass through have tended to be gatherings of goodly faiths and benign organisations.

It is rumoured that in IM 1011 the Merchant Sire Haruld of Thimon took a personal interest in the business of Deep Water Traders but such is probably mere conjecture…

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