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Creduin’s Fury are a group of mostly druids who follow the great spirit Creduin, the Summer Sun, of the far north. They pledge allegiance to him and to the High King who stands above (nobody knows, really, who the High King is). Some claim to have seen him, some to have met him or be blessed by him (the latter is certainly true), but nothing firm or reliable. Perhaps he’s merely a myth, though that seems unlikely, or perhaps he works unseen, preferring to touch the world though the great place spirits that rule beneath him – notably Creduin, and historically Anthuinn, though his power now lies with King Sigurd. Some have claimed that the High King is actually the place/realm spirit of Primus, and of the theories, though it feels a little off, is perhaps the one that makes the most sense).

This particular group of Creduin’s followers have been based in the Bildteve Highlands for some while, having moved down as a tribe about 30-40 years ago (being a smaller part of the larger Dhuana Dir Creduin). They generally kept themselves to themselves, striking down the undead that came too close, for they have no love for them, and making offerings and blessings to the Summer Sun.

In more recent times however (IM 1010-IM1011), since more of the ancient houses became active again, they’ve been having a tough time. With the war between Wax, Ash and Splinters, the land has been carved up and the druids find themselves very much in the middle of a fight they don’t entirely have the resources to fight. Much of their old land has been taken, corrupted and invaded by the tides of undeath. So much so, in fact, that they’ve taken to wandering all year round, moving from camp to camp seeking rest, shelter and ways to combat the undead on at least even keel.

In recent months they have formed a tentative alliance with the Church of Mortai, or at least it’s druidic and non-angelic member(s), but in late Octuar IM1011 had to flee a combined attack by the houses of Wax and Splinters. The attack was believed to be in revenge for providing haven to those of Mortai when perused by The Caged Lady.

At the current time this is mostly an NPC organisation and no formal open guild exists. The benefits and restrictions available from joining the organisation can be found in the Almanac.

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