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Colonel William Chance has served as a member of the Senate and acting as an effective and successful Warlord especially during the War against Myron.

Chance, also known as Billy or William was born in the village of Fairweather near Halgar. His youth was uneventful and like many young men he travelled to Halgar and joined the army at the age of 16. Billy joined the Imperial Pathfinders and spent a number of years travelling The Empire The Baronies, Ishma and the Far North. In IM999 he was promoted to Path-Sergeant in the Imperial Pathfinders having served for 8 years. Around this time and with the freedom granted by his rank Billy took to mercenary work to make some extra coin. During an extended mercenary mission in the Barony of Embertrees, under great physical and mental duress and danger Billy began to exhibit psychic powers. These powers developed over time under the care of his friend, the Shaehan priestess Cloud.

In IM 1001 Billy took part in another extended mercenary mission to thwart the plans of some blood relatives of the old Emperor Amora. As a reward for his work during the mission he was given the rank Path Captain.

At the final dawn of IM 1002 / IM 1003 Path Captain Chance's actions led to him being made a Knight Reliant of The Empire.

Billy was a founding member of The Restless and worked with this powerful mercenary group against many of the enemies of The Empire.

The restructuring of the armies of The Empire led Path Captain Chance to re-found The Imperial Pathfinders in IM 1008. Some personal flaw caused him to refuse to take on the new rank structure and continued among his men to use the old rank structure. A tradition that continues within the Pathfinders to this day. On gathering the Pathfinders again Billy was promoted to Path Colonel.

In IM 1009 Path Colonel Chance was made Senator for Mercenary Affairs, successfully liaising between the Senate, Bastion and mercenary community to direct resources where they were needed. The greatest successes during his time as Senator for Mercenary affairs was the destruction of the Twisted Ones that sought to slay The Great Alg and the re taking of Port Miere from forces of The Spiter. For these actions and for his work protecting The Empire and Primus for a decade, the Empress bestowed on Chance the title "The Eagle of Halgar"

In IM 1011 during a time of war against both Myron and The Sunless Chance was made Warlord of The Empire.

Unlike previous Warlords most of Chance's orders are not given in person or by paper but via psychic message. Other than a couple of days over the dawn in IM 1010 / IM 1011 where Chance was seen in deep conversation with The Empress he is rarely seen in the Bastion. Rumour has it that he and his men are operating deep behind enemy lines, possibly in Myron itself.

One of Chance's reeves Joss Tooth has been seen recently in Halgar gathering more men to Chance's banner as he forms a bigger, more militant army. Rumour has the scribes in The Bastion already refer to Billy as General Chance.

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