Children of the Dawn

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Children of the Dawn
Guild Sire Unknown
Guild Type Social


Children of the Dawn


Elves, Half-Elves, Draves, Half-Draves and Faeries. Creatures who through non-standard rebirth or points app are of these races in all but name may be permitted to join with the guildmaster's consent which needs to be signed onto the character card. Other spiritless creatures or Drowe may NOT join or remain.


This is a social organisation for Elves and their kin. The races of Elves who were reclaimed by their Dragons at the end of the last age and reformed with the dawn of this one often suffer poor relations with the more numerous races of the Empire, and this group is concerned with providing a place to meet and gather with friends, offer mutual support, mediate disputes, and organise missions to empower our patrons and defend Primus.


Members must respect the Elven races, to the extent that they must always seek a non-violent solution to any conflict with them. Violence is not entirely precluded, but a clear and genuine effort to find another answer must first be attempted.

Any attempt to bring harm to the guildmaster or to damage his reputation, will immediately be punished by casting out from the guild. Failing to adhere to ethos and restrictions of this guild (protecting and safeguarding the interests of Elvenkind etc) can results in immediate casting out from this guild (this can be at ref's discretion). Any so cast out may never again benefit from lembas of any kind.

Nobody who is outlawed for party killing may join or remain a member of the Children of the Dawn without the direct permission of the guild master. Members of the Children of the Dawn may not attack members of the Arcanum, the Enclave or the Children of the Dawn.

Prospective members of the Children of the Dawn who are trained as Assassins (buys as Assassin) must announce themselves to the guild master

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