Caer Talthar

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An old hill fort it was gifted to Thor by the Senate in Aprius 998 to watch over and protect. At the time it formed part of the Imperial City of Takalia's lands and served as a border against the Dark Baronies. Indeed the first test of battle came the next year when the Dark Baronies sought to invade the Empire. A great battle was fought, involving over a thousand men on either side, and lasted clear through night and to the next day. While weakened and broken the walls of Caer Talthar were never beaten and the Baronial forces made ground and evaded the Keep excepting it would cut off their supply lines, but no longer willing to throw men to their deaths.

Since then much has changed. The city of Takalia has become part of the Baronies, and Caer Talthar has done like wise. While the night of that battle is not forgotten many accept that it is a thing of the past.

Sitting within Bulaslavia it serves as a hub of trade between the Empire and the Baronies. Many caravans set down for the night here as they move from Thimon to Takalia, and it houses a large market to accomodate such. The hills around it are covered with herds of Bildteve Sheep, the locals joke that they can scare off a werewolf or even a Kasnian troll without any fear. The keep also houses a reasonable horse farm, and even breeds hounds sold to the local Ritter, Barons, and those of wealth.

The centre of Caer Talthar is a large Hallowed Temple to Talthar, unlike those of the Empire it is plain, and most would think it barracks or a place for storing arms if they did not know better. Accepted by the local Graf and the Circle on the understanding that Thor does not preach beyond the doors of the Temple, and that he does not seek to spread the word of his lord further.

A centre for forces moving down to the Sunless to battle against the Sunless Briars Cross, an Abbey dedicated to the training people in the martial arts, has began to form not far from the Keep.

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