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Also known as The Great Sink

The source of the power felt by the Magiocracies and indeed of the woes visited upon the groups who journeyed here, the Athfash Ban Mir (The Great Sink in the old tongue) is located in the centre of the landmass. Deep beneath the low mountains, the Athfash Ban Mir is said to descend to the very depths of Primus and it is said that is from this that the lose elemental power used by the world's mage's pours.

Certainly, an enormous quantity of elemental power howls from it's depths - the seven prime 'colours' of magic providing the winds that gave the land it's name. The Rainfinder’s of Ishma have come to believe that the Athfash Ban Mir is a remnant of the shadowy first age. It is established fact that the Nagrech Stone is the linking point to power both Elemental and Deific on Primus, however in many ways the Great Sink seems to form a source of pure elemental power in its own right.

Theories are many, but the two most popular trains of speculation is that the Sink is either the sight of the Nagrech in previous times or that it is the result of some massive disjoining on reality that occurred in a previous Final Dawn.

The truth is simply not known, but debate on the matter keeps the Rainfinders deep in converse long into the nights of council.

Hundreds of miles of tunnels lead from the Sink, twisting and turning in maze-like ruin around the central region until they emerge out into the surrounding areas to spew their power into Primus. Above these tunnels the land is full of life - plants and trees that thrive upon the natural energies released.

Beyond the area of the Sink however the rest of the Land of the Seven Winds is barren - mostly composed of savaged desert over which the Winds stream across Primus.

The central area of the continent that boasts the Athfash Ban Mir is not part of the Ishmaic Confederacy itself.

A Story from the Athfash Ban Mir

I'd come in with the Salahman (may their deeds be manifold) and with the exception of Kalab Bin Kalib I think that I'm alone now. The Afthash can take the sands right now - I don't care. I just want to live. Now that I've got the roots of the plant I'm going home - even Kalib agrees and you'd be hard put to find a more crazed member of his Clan. Losing an arm will do that for most people.

I don't have such confidence in my archery to believe that I can save us from any real attack - Kalib keeps passing in and out of wakefulness so I can't rely on what ability he has left. His sword broke in the last attack (which leaves us with but a glaive each and my little bow. What little I could brew I've forced down him but it's not enough.

I could leave what I've found here - but I can't quite bring myself to accept a loss on the trip. This is the third time I've ventured near the Athfash Ban Mir. This is the worst attack I've ever faced. Elementals all over us and where they go their conjureres are sure to be also.

May the elements forgive me, I just want to go home.

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