68th Imperial Legion

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An Imperial Legion headed by Teribus Vo Lecht commonly known as War's Own.

The Legion

A relatively new legion, the 68th was formed and founded shortly after the High Final Dawn by House Lecht. Staunchily Imperial, and catagorically hard line on defending the Empire at any cost and taking war to those that would seek to invade it, the legion's been involved mostly in action to the far north and around Myron in recent years.

The legion has strong religious overtones with the head of the legion being one Teribus Vo Lecht; the Aspect of War who is the direct religious opponent to Elbrime. It's a faith that fits very well with the operation of a legion though. The purpose of the legion is to wage war on the enemies of the Empire pro-actively, of which there are usually plenty, and to it's members war is breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Life is War, War is Life" is their motto. Their crest being two crossed swords on a red shield.

Particularly skilled in fighting in the depths of winter, the sires of the legion are said to possess a number of pacts with winter that let them call forth blizzards, snow and other adverse conditions to shroud their forces in combat. That they can fight through such with little apparent problem is a reflection both on their skill at arms and the powers their wield. It's for this reason that the 68th have primarily been deployed along the northern borders.

Rumours abound that a full half the legion are undead and that the numbers of such grow day by day. It's well known that Teribus' 2nd in command and sister Persiphone, who leads the ritualists that accompany the forces, is a potent necromancer. Many have witnessed her freeze an entire rank of men to black frosty husks, before binding them with wintry spirits of death and turning them upon their former comrades. That the dead are never left behind, and always rise again to continue the legion's wars makes service a dedication for life and beyond. Once in the 68th. Always in the 68th. In Life and In Death

The Penal Helds

The majority of the living helds of the 68th are the penal helds that form the Penal Legion. While there are a few small penal helds that are not part of the 68th, in the last decade most of the penal command structure has been folded into the 68th under the watchful eyes of "Terry" and "Percy" (nicknames that you probably wouldn't catch a penal legionnaire using in-front of them). It seems likely that in future years the remaining few penal helds will all be folded into the 68th's command structure.

The few other living members of the 68th who aren't themselves members of the penal legion are largely those that command the penal helds or help administer the penal helds in some fashion.

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