11th Imperial Legion

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11th Imperial Legion: The Shield of Glorianave

An Imperial Legion that consists entirely of Undead. Headed by Gideon Athanyn of House Athanyn.


With a proud military tradition, the private army of House Athanyn provided much of the military backbone to the Glorianave forces when the Magiocracy’s ritual might needed to be supported with blood, sweat and steal. Indeed, a large proportion of the men-at-arms were Nobles of the Blood or Retainers to the House. Unsurprisingly, when the Empire was formally recognized and bureaucratic term of ‘Legion’ was introduced (originally as a means of keeping track of how many soldiers the Empire could call upon at any given time), the standing army of House Athanyn was officially designated as the 11th Imperial Legion, unofficially titled ‘The Shield of Glorianave’.

The legion makes its home at Gideon's Reach (at Turlin's Stand) in Rural Bildteve

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