Kith Kaharn

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Kith Kaharn served as Gaius within the Inquisition of Emperor Amora. He was an extremely skilled ritualist of the Beast Tree and it was with these skills that he created the race known as the Ratfolk to fight one of Amora's many wars, a task for which they were never truly paid and lead to the unfortunate events of the war with the Knights of the Land that to this day causes great festering recrimination, resentment and anger within the Mercenary Caste, the Knights and the Ratfolk. Kith Kaharn has been slain at the hand of mercenaries on more than one occasion in their attempt to enact vengeance upon him. Since his last death at the hands of Fen Crawlers deep in the labyrinthe of the Ratfolk warrens beneath Thimon no word has been heard of him.

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