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The Emperor or Empress is the ruler of the Empire of Labyrinthia and Master of Primus and thus represents the combination of the ritualistic powers of the Master of Primus with the temporal and political powers of ruler of the land. Something which the current Empress, Truic, has carefully kept separate bestowing her temporal authority with her Senate whilst she maintains the supernatural nature of the realm.

The first Emperor was Amora, who bestowed the title upon himself once he had defeated the Magiocracies, unified the lands and seeded the Empire. The actual title of the Emperor or Empress is that of Grand Duke of Halgar but Amora decided this sounded too much like something the Baronies would adopt and so Emperor it was. Still, Grand Duke/Duchess is the highest social rank of history and so it is still adopted by the Empress, Truic, when the need demands.

The list of Emperors and Empresses is as follows:

Incumbent Start End Notes
Cerus Amora IM978 IM998 First Emperor
None IM998 IM999 The Masterless Times
Michael Stoneheart Late IM999 Deeber IM1000 Also includes the period of Inquisitional Law where Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl was briefly ruler of the Empire
None Deeber IM1000 Martius IM1001 Amora De'Ville is the Custodian of Primus
Truic Amora-Badrass Martius IM1001 Current Only incumbant to Master the Throne of Glass
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